Home Services

Home monthly checking

Management with suppliers

Administrative procedures

We are your PR. We will do for you all the administrative procedures with Community of Owners, insurance companies, electrical and water companies and internet services.

Monthly Report

We send you a monthly report, informing about the status of the property.

Handyman Services

Small reparation services upon acceptance of budget: plumbing, electricity, painting and repair of cracks, repair and replacement of closures, installations and repairs in general.

Cleaning Services

We offer you professional cleaning services for check in- check out and during stay.

Welccome Pack

Welcome pack with food, snacks and drinks for your arrival, upon request.


Professional and trusted drivers from the airport to your home and from your home to the airport.

Rental Services

Competitive prices and excellent service. We put your rental car directly in your ho-me.

VIP Concierge Services

Reservations of restaurants, beach clubs, beauty salon and others.

Cargo Reception From KW

Managing the process of delivery and/or return to KW of any item to be sent. From home to home. We place all suitcase and clothes in your closet. All ready for your arrival.